Introducing FinderCodes v1.2: Mobile Lost and Found System

With our QR code-based lost and found system, all you need is one of our kits and access to the Internet, to rest easy knowing your valuables will be returned. From pets and cell phones, to virtually anything that you can attach a tag or sticker to, FinderCodes has you covered. We even have a free FinderCodes app that makes tracking your lost items that much easier!

We’ve taken your comments air jordan 5 femmes and feedback to heart and have developed FinderCodes v1.2 – now available at Google Play and the Apple App Store! New enhancements include:

  • Anonymous two-way email and text messaging between finder and owner
  • Improved navigation menu with new Lost It, Shop, and Social media share buttons
  • Map locating finder now included in text message and/or email sent to owner
  • Contact owner options simplified for finders
  • Enhanced account and FinderCode Smart Tag management options
  • Better overall performance and bug fixes

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on these new improvements. Please touch base with us on the FinderCodes Facebook page, the FinderCodes Twitter account, or leave your thoughts for us in the comments section below!

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